Originally delivered on 4/28/2023 12:02 pm

SUBJECT: Friday May 5th is the Last Day to Donate to The Stephen Austin Maszczak Scholarship Award

Dear Desmares Community,


The Stephen Austin Maszczak Scholarship Award started after FAD lost one of its dolphins to a brain tumor in 2011.


Stephen was born in 2003. He was a second-grader at Francis A. Desmares School when he was diagnosed with DIPG, a malignant brain tumor, and passed away in 2011. He was a light to everyone that knew him and his light continues on.


Many of our former students continue their secondary education at Hunterdon Central Regional High School and we are always proud as we learn of their achievements upon graduating, especially when they mention Desmares as having an impact on them.


The scholarship is awarded to two students graduating from Hunterdon Central Regional High School to be used for college or vocational school expenses. Students are able to apply for this scholarship through the counseling office at HCHRS. As part of their application process, students must submit a written essay on how their time at Desmares School impacted their current successes and college and career goals. Students are asked to name past teachers or administrators that also influenced them in some way, big or small. The PTO, appointed teachers at Desmares, and the Maszczak family will vote on the award based on those essays. 


Every year, the two award winners return to our “All School Meeting” and read their essays to everyone in attendance.  It’s always a very touching moment for everyone present.

We are asking families to consider donating to the “Francis A. Desmares PTO-Stephen Austin Maszczak Scholarship Award” as your donation will make a meaningful impact on a former student, as well as a continuing remembrance of a very special Desmares student, Stephen Maszczak.
Please click here to donate!
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